Our Review of Page Optimizer Pro

Page Optimizer Pro has been making rounds in the SEO community for the past few months. It’s a tool that is used for evaluating your on-page SEO techniques.

This tool supposedly analyzes the top few competitors and compares your current website to theirs. It then looks at differences in ranking signals between your website and your competitors and provides a report.

We have heard many internet marketers swear by this new tool, so we got our hands on it and decided to take it for a spin. The first thing we noticed was that the UI was slightly clunky. It was kind of “blocky” and felt like there were too many steps to add and organize your websites.

After we looked past the initial UI we proceeded to enter in one of our client’s websites which was ranking at the bottom of the second page of Google. This step was much easier to navigate, it requested simple information such as keyword(s), our URL, our competitors URL, and our target country/location.

After pressing GO we waited for about two minutes after which a report was generated. Our website came back with a score of C. Apparently this means the on-page job we had done was pretty decent, but could still use some work.

We followed the crucial suggestions the tool recommended, and improved the score to a B+. Two weeks later this clients website had moved from the bottom of the second page to the bottom of the first page.

Simple put, it works! We think the UI could use a little work, but besides that we were very impressed. If you have checked it out we would definitely recommend it.

Best wishes,

Dallas and Richard