Meet Dallas and Richard

Dallas and Richard here from WebGuideUS!

We’re internet marketing professionals who have been around since the early 2000’s. We can help you navigate the slopes of the ever-changing marketing world.

About each of us:


  • Has been doing internet marking since 2001
  • Started by working for a traditional advertising firm but was captivated by the huge ROI internet marketing was starting to provide
  • Owns his own Agency which only deals with multi-million dollar a year companies
  • Loves case studies and innovative marketing techniques
  • Has two kids and has an expensive hobby of working on fast cars


  • Has been in the internet marketing business since 2005
  • Owns an extremely popular authority affiliate website and dominates his niche
  • Also loves case studies and is passionate about SEO
  • Self proclaimed introvert who has a passion for writing(and not having to talk to clients)
  • Loves camping, nature, and the second amendment

Our goal at WebGuideUS is to help you find case studies, marketing agencies, and techniques that work. We love answering questions and have partnered up to bring you an informative and innovative blog which covers a variety of topics and provides honest reviews.

Thanks for sticking with us thus far!

-Richard and Dallas